26 March 2009

1st Legit Post of yellowbarnart

Hello everyone out there in blogging world!  This is Nicole, Janel's sister, co-founder of yellowbarnart.  I am so excited to be part of this and get to know all of you amazing, crafty lovelies!!  Janel raves about how awesome everyone in her online class and community are and I cannot wait to be part of this stellar journey!

So this weekend we're at an art teachers conference this weekend an they do an awesome thing called bizarre bazaar where art teachers can bring in things they've created to sell or swap.  Here is some jewelry I created for the sale!!!  If you're interested in purchasing any of the one of a kind, first ever yellow barn art pieces, shoot us an email and we would be happy to design a piece perfect for you!!!
E1: $5.00

E2: $7.00

E3: $7.00

E4: $7.00

E5,E6,E7:$5.00 each

E8,E9,E10: $5.00 each

E11,E12,E13: $3.00 each

E14: $7.00

E15: $7.00

There will obviously be two in the set, but only one photographed here!  
E16: $10.00

N1: $10.00


N3: $15.00

N4: $20.00

N5: $20.00

All of these necklaces come on a black or brown cord with a closure.

These pieces are actually selling like hot cakes at the art conference.  We are so excited!!!!!

Again, we are so excited to finally be getting yellow barn art off the ground.  We really appreciate all of the support and love we are getting from everyone!  THANK YOU!!!!
-nicole b.


  1. nicole... can you stamp anything into metal??? i am DYING for a simple silver necklace with three small circles with each kid's initials or names on them!

  2. they are all lovely! my fav is the one that says art girl! cute! xo

  3. Yes I can! I'll track down some supplies when we get home on Sat and Sun and let you know!!! While we're chatting, I'm going to email you a scan of my yellowbarn font on Sunday to add to that amazing logo you did!!! Do you think you could make it into a blog button too??!!

  4. Awesome!! I love all the jewelry sooo much! The Art Girl pieces are sooooo wonderful!!! You'll definitely be hearing from me!!!! Have fun at the art conference! Sounds like a great time!

  5. too cuute! and i totally have the bird necklace! looove it!