30 May 2009

Whitney's Extra Pressy!!

Just thought I'd give you a peak at the yba exclusive add in to the give a way. Whitney scored this awesome day of the dead journal. These bad boys are complements of my fantastic students who had extra wood in industrial tech class and needed something to do, so their teacher let them cut some awesome wood shapes for me. Janel and i plan to crank some more of these out and have them ready for our June etsy update!!! Make sure you check that out...coming soon! Anywho, thanks again for all the love you showed us for the give a way and stay tuned for more good stuff!!

All I need to do it drill some holes and put it all together!!!
A little note to the winner! 
Some journal prompts in a few spots of the journal to spark some creative genius!!

This one is a bit crappy, but it says: Draw something you can see right now!!

Journals..love them!!!

29 May 2009

Paper Sculptures

So, for my final exam in my sculpture class, along with formal critiques of their own work, I gave my students a large sheet of paper, tape, glue and scissors and had them create a sculpture with it. then told another "non-art" teacher what I was doing for their final and they looked at me like I was crazy. What could students possibly make from paper? Don't they know I have the most brilliant students ever? Well, I googled (well, technically i msn searched) images of paper sculpture and look at all the goodies I found. And they are all primarily made up of paper!!! Check it out homes:

Who would think paper or film strips on their side could be so awesome? I'm doing something like this for my house now!!!

I found these amazing sculptures online. They do a computer scan of your features, then make an amazing replica of you head...who knew.

This one looks like a crazy puzzle put together!!!

Simple but elegant!

If this is legitimately cut from the paper below, I bow to you!!!


I'm hoping these are low watt bulbs! Beautiful. Wouldn't these be awesome over the dance floor at a wedding?

Layered to create a peek through picture.

Colored paper cut into circles and then frayed on the ends. Love these bunched together

These almost look like paper cups smashed together!!!
A compilation of a bunch of small paper sculptures!!!
After I saw these, I had to show them off to my disbelieving colleague. She was amazed!!! Artists can really make something from nothing.

27 May 2009

If I won the powerball, I would buy these

If I win the powerball tonight, these are the things I'm going to get from papersource. If you haven't been to their website, to their store, or get their emails/catalogues, you need to get with it! The have the most amazing gifts, paper, kits, stamps, you name it, they've got something cute like it!!! Check out these radical items. And remember, the also have paper!!!
First things first, I would get this wrapping paper for all my seniors who just graduated...and a gift I guess to wrap around!!!

Don't you adore this luggage?  I do!!
And who, tell me WHO, wouldn't love stickers to make their inanimate objects come to life!!!
These old "housewife" pictures with clever text on them are to die for!

This journal is too cute.

Saving the earth, one reusable, adorable bottle later!!!
A must for any road trip...especially this summer, the 22 hours to Mass to see the MacLeans!!!
Even though I'm north county, I think these would just be a good read!!!

I'd get this for my friend Sarah.  She's one of those weird cat people.  I don't mean it mean, I don't get it being a dog person, but I know she'd love this!!!
Nuff said!!
And I would then get the Diana camera, so I would need the fish eye lens, obviously.  
You really need to scope out Papersource.  I think the closest one in in Kansas City, MO to us, but well worth it.  It is on my to do list for next weekend on my trip to visit Bagels!!!  Cannot wait!!!

26 May 2009

Who knew?

Who knew there were so many yellow barns out there! i love it. If only there was one close by for a photo op, boo!

This is the one I want to use on my business cards!!!

I actually didn't realize this was a watercolor until now, but I'm sure the artist worked from life, so it is legitimate.

I think if I ever had a barn, there would be a silo.

How fantastic is this bright yellow barn with the brown doors, great contrast.

Picture perfect!

Look, 3 barns in 1!
I want to be here with my nikon d60.  It would be love at first site.
Just two more!
Wouldn't this be perfect to renovate into a home!
Just so fun here at yba!!  Does any on have a good yellow barn in their town??  Maybe Janel and I need to take a road trip!!!

and the winner is......

The winner of the give-a-wow is miss whitney. Here is her response:
Whitney said...
"Hi! I just found your blog through Janel's... the background on my Mac is one of Elsie's paintings so she's for sure in my Top Three favorite artists. I also admire my mom's work, it seems to be a bit busier and more vintage than Elsie's. The medium she uses baffles me (www.thecharmhouse.com). And who doesn't love the rebellious stencilists/spray painter that roams the streets of Britain, decorating the streets with the most powerful and thought-provoking graffiti, Banksy? They're all three very different artists but I find inspiration and beauty in all of their work.
I look forward to following your blog! Yay for contests!!"

I am also a huge fan of Banksy. He is an amazing gurilla artist. His work is extremely risky and thought provoking. Check out some of his work below and visit this site.

So whit...send me an email with your info so I can ship your goodies!  nbarnholtz@hotmail.com

To everyone else who posted such amazing comments, thanks for visiting our blog.  Keep checking in with us for amazing updates, insprations, art and more radical give-a-ways soon to come.  You all rock our worlds!!!!!