17 May 2009


Okay, here is the first, of many, yellowbarnart give-a-ways. You must be a follower of this blog to participate in our give-a-wow.  So just click on follow this blog and join our amazing journey.  As a winner of this give-a-wow, you will get all of these goodies:

Let me break it down now son:
2, 6B graphite sticks
pink and brown art supplies carrier
chip board pieces
crazy cut scissors
crayola gold twistable slick stick
2 glitters pen minis
black and brown markers
colored raffia and string
dye-cut pieces of paper

more chip board pieces, SLAM mini sketchbook and journal, sample water color and acrylic paints, Handy Art block ink, sculptey clay, and prang water color 
bag-o-pom poms
travel journal pack
paper-mate crazy stripe pens
primary blick colored pencils
THE WORLDS BEST PENCIL (you know I love you if I'm giving up a pack of my favorite, all time pencils, Ticonderoga.  Ask Janel, I'm so nerdy when it comes to these pencils)

Crayola 10 classic pack, Prismacolor Art Stix, Pentel 16 pack oil pastels, and an Elephant dung photo frame.  These frames are so awesome and are from an amazing women I know, Mary Tevlin.  It is made from natural objects and elephant poo.  It is amazing.  Unfortunately I have miss place Mary's card, but I wed for sure post a link to this great paper.  It really is beautiful to use in journals, scrapbooks, and printmaking.  Love it! 

Along with all this great stuff, you'll get an exclusive yellowbarnart item...how exciting...made especially for you!!!

OMG, are you not so excited for this give-a-way.  You need to follow our blog to get in on this stellar gift.  Leave us a comment telling us your favorite artist and I'll pick the winner on 
Tell all your blogger friends about his blog and give-a-way, maybe even post a link on yours, brownie points!!!!

  Can't wait to hear from you and give you this awesome package!!! LUCK!


  1. Wowzers! Lol
    Let's see...my favorite artist? Elsie (duhh), lol, and I'm totally in love with Ashley Goldberg :)

    PS- Love love LOVE the necklace in the last post!! :)

  2. ooooooooooooh, nice giveaway, girls! (i'm kind of a secret follower but met janel in the pretty class!). favorite artist at the moment: keri smith. favorite "classic" artist?: odilon redon. (http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/cgi-bin/WebObjects.dll/CollectionPublisher.woa/wa/work?workNumber=NG6438)

  3. OH man! SO much eye candy! Great give-a-WOW! :)

    My fav artist, since childhood, has been Monet. I WISH I could capture a scene like that...

    But NOW I would say one of my fav artists is photographer Tara Whitney. Love her work.

  4. This is probably the best giveaway I've seen all year!! I have so many favorite artists, but if I had to narrow it down to just two ( I can't just pick one, ha) I would have to say Elsie and Kurt Halsey. I love both their work and find them so inspiring!


  5. wow, this is a BIG giveaway!

    my fave artist is elsie, hands down.
    i love how versatile she is.

    classic artist, if that was part of the question? haha, is van gogh.
    will always be my fave!

    and i loooove Ticonderoga too!
    (i thought i was alone!)

  6. ooooh lots of very cool supplies!!

    my favorite artist right now is elsie too! her art makes me appreciate the every day moments that i sometimes forget. and that, to me, is pretty darn awesome

  7. Let's see :) My favorite artist is Nicole Barnholtz, followed closely by Elsie!! My more traditional favorite would be...hmmm....I have to think about that :) Too many!!!

  8. My favorite artist is Elsie!! She inspires me so much!

  9. My favorite artist is Elsie, she inspires me so much!!

  10. Besides Elsie, I'm in love with photographer Sante D'Orazio. His photographs are so creative and enchanting. He's got an incredible eye and really captures the beauty in people.

    Here's his link:

    I have his book, "A Private View" and it's honestly the best book I've ever owned. I'm in love...:)

  11. My favorite artists are Elsie and Linda Woods. I have many more but can't think of them right now. Thanks for the contest.

  12. Van Gogh is my very favorite...we have three of his framed prints in our bedroom...love them! I love your entire Elsie collection...what a great collection!

  13. Wow! Girls, you've outdone yourselves! What an awesome giveaway!!!!Of course, like the masses, my favorite is Elsie. She just totally inspires me and awoke the creative side of me like never before for which I'm forever grateful to her. Her style, her work ethic and her amazing mind continually blow me away.

    I also love Kelly Rae Roberts. She always inspires me as well...in a totally different way. I've never thought about that before...hmmmm...

  14. Your viel or veil is ordered.. I can't beleive you are giving away Ticondaroga pencil's, what have you gone crazy????. Sign me up I want the pencils you can have the rest of the stuff.
    Love Dad

  15. From Eddie,

    Siegfried Reinhardt.

    Love ya Janel, I mean Nicole.

  16. Would Chuck Close as a favorite artist get me the Ticondaroga pencil's?????
    Love Mom

  17. Wow, that is an amazing give-a-way! :-) My favorite artists are Emily Martin/The Black Apple, Elsie and Kurt Halsey because their art came into my life when I really needed it. Lisa Rinnevuo is a swedish artist I like. And among the classical ones i like Alfons Mucha, Modigliani and Seurat. I like colors! :-) Ok, this was more names than you asked for. But it was fun answering, because I had completely forgotten about the all the classical ones. :-)

  18. this is a toughy that i have been thinking about for a couple of days now...hmm. Favorite artist would have to be of course Miss Elsie, followed by Mark Seliger. He is a photographer that shot for Rolling Stone Magazine. His creativity is amazing!

    Oh and pick me :) cause i would love you forever.

  19. Fave by far would definitely be Elsie... and then a lovely girl I know who did some beautiful paintings for me named Molly Swanson (formerly Row)! Love contests!

  20. Wow thats so so fun!!!

    I LOVVVE Alica Paulson's work. :)

  21. Hi! I just found your blog through Janel's... the background on my Mac is one of Elsie's paintings so she's for sure in my Top Three favorite artists. I also admire my mom's work, it seems to be a bit busier and more vintage than Elsie's. The medium she uses baffles me (www.thecharmhouse.com). And who doesn't love the rebellious stencilists/spray painter that roams the streets of Britain, decorating the streets with the most powerful and thought-provoking graffiti, Banksy? They're all three very different artists but I find inspiration and beauty in all of their work.

    I look forward to following your blog! Yay for contests!!

  22. yay! how fun is this?!?!
    ok seriously... elsie flannigan is my fave. for 2 reasons - the super obvious... her work is amazing! i'm sooo getting it tattoo'd on my body! and the second reason... i wasn't super interested in any artform growing up - besides crayons - but when my friend showed me elsie's first scrapbook... it hit me like a ton of bricks! i'm in love with scrap, art of all kinds and crafting! and because of her i have met the most amazing women including herself!! THANKS ELSIE!!! XOXOXOXOXOxo!

  23. OOOOOOH Art stuff! I dont have any here... More arty stuff besides scrappy stuff... anyway. I mean... I could go on.

    I think my favorite artist right now.... Well Adrienne Looman because she and I share our first names.... but... I loooooove elizabeth kartchner aaaaaaaaand miss Elsie! :D

    Follow blog [check]
    post here [check] :D

  24. That's one great give away! A few of my favorite artists are: 1.Mark Ryden 2.The Black Apple 3.Elsie Flannigan. I'm so upset that I'll be in school during her RVA update. Boo for school.

  25. That is one awesome giveaway! A few of my favorite artists are: 1.Mark Ryden 2.The Black Apple 3.Elsie Flannigan. I'm upset that I'll be in school during her RVA update. Boo for school!

  26. Like everyone else, Elsie is totally my favorite artist! I love all of her stuff. :)


  27. WOW is right!
    Can I be super cheezy and say my hubby is my favorite artist? After him I'd say it's Camille Rose Garcia :)

  28. wow! how generous of you to have such a great big giveaway!
    ive come to think of many mediums as art and so, im inspired by so many things especially in the world of arts and crafts.
    as of right now, my faves would definitely be rachel denbow and elsie!!!

  29. I thought you could only follow if you had a blog, but I tried it and I guess not! You were in my favorites folder, though :]
    I love the work of Kurt Halsey.. soo pretty!

  30. wahooo! this giveaway is amazing!
    i love sooo many artists, including elsie, rachel denbow, the black apple, and lisa congdon!!!!! so inspiring!!!