25 May 2009

More Journal Prompts

It is that time, once again, for some more prompts. Show me what you did with these prompts. Only one person has before, and I'm dieing to see more.
1.  Make a list.  Any list.  Groceries, cds, playlist, family members, stores, to dos...anything!!!  Add a border or doodle around your list.  Use at least two different colors.  Switch up your fonts or try writing in a way other than your every day writing.

#2.  Fill an entire page with line designs.  Use thick, thin, curvy, zig-zag lines.  Make simple and complex lines.  Connect lines to make objects.  Use lines to create words.  Use line to draw pictures.  Use only one color.  I recommend marker, but your choice of medium is good too.  Make sure you go to all edges of he page.  Leave minimal white spaces.
#3.  What is art?  what is art to you?  Give a brief definition of what art is to you.  Not Websters idea of art, but yours.  Once you've written you idea of art, show me at least 6 examples of art.  these can be photos, examples from magazines, online sources, or your own work.  Again, fill the page and even work off the page if needed.  Luck Loveys!!!  
Now remember, post your journals, or hook a girl up with your flickr pages so I can check it out!!!  Absolute last chance to enter the give-a-wow!!!!
Hope everyone had a bomb memorial day weekend and had a lot of great BBQ!!!
love - n

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