26 May 2009

and the winner is......

The winner of the give-a-wow is miss whitney. Here is her response:
Whitney said...
"Hi! I just found your blog through Janel's... the background on my Mac is one of Elsie's paintings so she's for sure in my Top Three favorite artists. I also admire my mom's work, it seems to be a bit busier and more vintage than Elsie's. The medium she uses baffles me (www.thecharmhouse.com). And who doesn't love the rebellious stencilists/spray painter that roams the streets of Britain, decorating the streets with the most powerful and thought-provoking graffiti, Banksy? They're all three very different artists but I find inspiration and beauty in all of their work.
I look forward to following your blog! Yay for contests!!"

I am also a huge fan of Banksy. He is an amazing gurilla artist. His work is extremely risky and thought provoking. Check out some of his work below and visit this site.

So whit...send me an email with your info so I can ship your goodies!  nbarnholtz@hotmail.com

To everyone else who posted such amazing comments, thanks for visiting our blog.  Keep checking in with us for amazing updates, insprations, art and more radical give-a-ways soon to come.  You all rock our worlds!!!!!


  1. Yay Yay Yay!!
    Please check out my blogsite for "a tribute to the blogging ladies of yellowbarnart". :) Hope you enjoy!
    Thank you sooo much! I'm pumped more than you know!

  2. oh my goodness Nicole- Whitney rocks!!! Did you see the tribute on her blog??? Sooooo flippin cute!!
    Also, I loooove your new post with the yellow barns!! I can see it before you post it :)
    hahahaha. Love you!