30 June 2009

Owl Art

I know its been forever, but I'm back (to let you know I can really shake it down!)
I've found some good inspiration lately with owl art. Owls are so awesome and totally remind me of my grandma's house b/c she collected them. she had all the nick-knacks, i've been in love ever since. Here are some this I've found online:
love these fabric wall hangings.  there are endless possibilities!

doe on the back of a scrabble letter.
linoleum printing.  do it one time and make multiple prints on paper, fabric, and anything else.  then you can add embellishment on top of that.
love this necklace.  don't you hate it when you grab the small image instead of enlarging it first!

tiny felt owls
how cute are these fabric broaches.  i think they could be painted on wood too!  one way to avoid cutting out those tiny pieces.

anyone out there who wants to teach me to make jewelry like this, i'm in!

all types of owls

love the idea of incorporating a page for a book into it.  wouldn't this be great in an art journal?
i love this ring.  

19 June 2009

Meet Oliver <3

This original painting (by me) just got added to the Etsy shop today!! Please stop by and check him out! He is a sweet little octopus who live in a magical, colorful oceanic world :) I love him!
And speaking of Etsy, Nicole and I have been working really hard for Etsy shop update soon!! Keep checking back because there will be lots and lots of goodies coming soon!

16 June 2009

Wreck this Journal :)

I FINALLY got this journal about a month ago :) I loved it instantly and I actually got it to show to my fifth graders. They loved it as well and many went and got it! I started wrecking it but never finished and I thought that since I was pretty much stuck in bed again today, I would work on destroying it some more :) I found the Wreck This Journal Flickr group and found some really great inspiration from it. These pictures definitely put me in the mood to do some serious wrecking to my journal :)

How fun right?? Adam said that doing a journal like this would be torture for him. Isn't weird how some people just don't get it :) Does anyone else have this journal? If so, did you finish it? What was your favorite part? Link me some pictures for inspiration!!

Happy Tuesday!

15 June 2009

A girl can take a hint :)

Hello friends!
Wow, Im not sure but I think Nicole was trying to say that I have been slacking over here at yellowbarnart? lol. I have and I am so sorry. It has been a super busy and crazy summer so far, but I promise to be better :)
Today I am going to share with you some awesome inspiration that I have found in the Flickr Group 100 Reasons to Love Summer.
I won't post individual links for each picture because you can find them all there. I obviously don't need to find any more reasons to love summer because I just LOVE SUMMER no matter what. Here are some great summer inspiration pics that made me smile today:

What are your favorite things about summer?
Please share :)

14 June 2009

Shelf Art

I am loving the pics I've seen of different colored shelves and backings. My friend Laura just painted the shelves in her living room a different color than the surrounding area. It looks so bomb. I tried to find some pics of examples of solid colors, but failed, so here are some awesome patterned papers:

This one isn't so much a book shelf, but an area of wall.  Still love it.  Same basic idea though!!!
Again love this!!!  I think all the matching accents are great.
What a perfect addition to a craft area.  If you have anything like this, or a spin on it, you should send me a link so I can get more inspiration!!!!!
Sorry it has been ages since I've (or Janel, hint hint) has posted, but now that I'm not at school, I don't get online multiple times a day.  Which I really should do anyways to check all of your amazing posts.  I vow to do better.  and hopefully someday the co-writer, Janel will post to!!! JK loves!!!

On another note, does anyne have any great sites for finding foreclosures in MO?  Matt and I are goingt o start looking for a house and we have to buy before the wedding, Oct 17th, so he can qualify for the $8,000.00 Obama moneys!!!!  Thanks