19 June 2009

Meet Oliver <3

This original painting (by me) just got added to the Etsy shop today!! Please stop by and check him out! He is a sweet little octopus who live in a magical, colorful oceanic world :) I love him!
And speaking of Etsy, Nicole and I have been working really hard for Etsy shop update soon!! Keep checking back because there will be lots and lots of goodies coming soon!


  1. Owls are everywhere right now! It's crazy. I love that ring. So cute and colorful!
    Thanks for the comment! I have made a few of my own clothes, and I sure hope to a lot more in the future :) It's nice to meet you, I'm excited for the Autumn class!!!

  2. haha oops, I commented on the wrong one, that was meant for the owl one, but you get it ;)