18 January 2010

YoCanDu Art Studio

Today in celebration of MLK Jr. Day, My momma, Janel, and I went to YoCanDu Art studio and made some art. Janel and I both made stuff for our homes. I had previously gone with my girls from work, and made and N...but now that I am married and we have "our" house, I felt bad hanging up an N with no M. So, I brought back my sister, and mom for support, to check out this amazing place. It is a wonderful studio where you can collage, paint, mosaic and craft. Check out their web page here.
Here are some shots from our radical day:

I adore that this wall has half a cup in it. I want to do this at my house in my basement. How bomb!!
ATC (Artist Trading Cards) having from above...beautiful.
This is the finished M...next to my N that I brought to match with!!
It has all sorts of found objects, like rusted screws, washers, tiles, skeleton key, worry doll
(a boy to go with the girl on the N), and a good luck coin like the one Matt carries in his pocket everyday.
Brushes hanging in the paint area. I love that they are in ketchup bottles and color coded.
Janel making a key rack for their kitchen...Adam, don't look at this. It might be a present.
Hard at work.
Sculptural books hanging from above. I want to do this.
I want this too.
Janel's finished product.

These are the jars that are full of tiles according to color.
This place is seriously amazing. If you live in STL, you should hit it up. I cannot say how awesome this place is.

08 January 2010

Journal Swap

So today is the first day of a journal swap I am doing with some rad ladies I meet down in Springfield, MO in November...i think it was in nov. And I cannot wait to get one in the mail. I sent mine off today...ps, mail is so expensive, I bet the pony express didn't cost $10.00 + tax. Anywho, I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. I admit, my pages are a bit lame, but I wasn't sure what to expect. I googled some images of journals people were doing today and i am overly inspired. Look at some of these amazing pages that I found.

This woman does such amazing water color. Janel, loves water color, so I'm sure she'll be doing some thing like this in hers :) Check out more of these bomb pages here.
The next three images are from this page. There is a ton of images to get ideas an inspiration from. I love working with mixed media in my sketchbooks, so I adore these pages.

Love the background of this page. I usually work on white pages, but I think I am going to steal this idea of adding paper or images first then journaling on top. This is such a cool blog, check it out here.
Again, check out this page. I love the collage work done in it. Incorporating magazine images to make a picture rocks!

I really wish I would have photographed my pages before I sent off my book. I will add them to the blog once I get it back!!!