08 January 2010

Journal Swap

So today is the first day of a journal swap I am doing with some rad ladies I meet down in Springfield, MO in November...i think it was in nov. And I cannot wait to get one in the mail. I sent mine off today...ps, mail is so expensive, I bet the pony express didn't cost $10.00 + tax. Anywho, I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. I admit, my pages are a bit lame, but I wasn't sure what to expect. I googled some images of journals people were doing today and i am overly inspired. Look at some of these amazing pages that I found.

This woman does such amazing water color. Janel, loves water color, so I'm sure she'll be doing some thing like this in hers :) Check out more of these bomb pages here.
The next three images are from this page. There is a ton of images to get ideas an inspiration from. I love working with mixed media in my sketchbooks, so I adore these pages.

Love the background of this page. I usually work on white pages, but I think I am going to steal this idea of adding paper or images first then journaling on top. This is such a cool blog, check it out here.
Again, check out this page. I love the collage work done in it. Incorporating magazine images to make a picture rocks!

I really wish I would have photographed my pages before I sent off my book. I will add them to the blog once I get it back!!!


  1. You blogged!!! Yay!!! hehehe
    Looove these pages!!! xo

  2. i can't wait to see your journal...sigh

  3. correction..HATES watercolor :)
    Silly, you are the one who loves it!!

  4. I'm excited you're blogging again. I laughed about the watercolor comment. PS You should use one of those USPS flat rate envelopes. They only cost like 5 dollars and you can send whatever you can stuff into it, regardless of weight.