10 November 2009

I got hitched!!!

I'm so sorry for being the worst ever lately, well for awhile now. But the good news is I got married last month, moved into a new house with the hubs, and am finally finished unloading boxes. Since I am an avid reader of my sisters blog, which is amazing, I am jealous of how amazing she is at it and am hoping to get back into the swing of things. So here are some long awaited, not just for you, but for 7 years of dating, photos of the wedding day!! I still suck at uploading in order, so these are a bit backwards, but you'll get the idea of our amazingly awesome day!!
Below is the best sister moment ever. How special is this picture. I love my nelly-belly!!
So, We wanted to hit up Gus's Pretzels, a st.louis must if you are ever in town. But to our dismay, it was closed. My amazing bus driver, Scott of Callaway Coaches, knocked on the door, got us in for pics, and hooked us up with 5 bags of pretzels. It rocked!!
Down by the river front at the graffiti wall. It was so funny when we pulled up there was another wedding party down there and two of my groomsmen immediately started snapping like on West Side Story getting ready for a turf war. Hilarious!
Again my amazing bus driver pointed out this awesome shot. It has a beautiful fall tree and the St. Louis Art Museum in the back. It is a perfect picture, not only because I'm an art teacher and I love art, but Matt and I got engaged on the hill!!!
Our amazing photographers Whitney and Brenden Raidt. Here is their website if you need photographers, they are tops!!! http://www.wix.com/raidtphotography/Raidt-Photography-Saint-Louis
Best intimate photograph of the day!!
Barnholtz/ Maclean/ Mankus Girls in the photo booth!! ( Check the awesome peacock pin I wore in my hair at the reception!!)
Favorite picture from the day. Probably because it's a candid and looks like and old newspaper clipping. This was at McGurks in O'fallon. Grabbing a cider before the reception.
Oh yes, we found a carnival to take pictures at too. If you didn't know, it is all about the pictures!!
Another great shot, with a great effect added. Most of the carnies (is that pc?) let us on the rides for free to shoot some pics. How fun!
Fish Face...a classic. It is probably my dads favorite kind of picture. Either that or ghetto girls!!
At the grand basin below SLAM.
Listening to a reading from my favorite aunt, Sue. So glad she could be part of our day!! Best God Mother ever! we got married at Immaculate Conception of Dardenne.
My second favorite picture from the day. I just love it, for no reason, I just do.
I'm extremely excited right now. Isn't my dad handsome in the tux!!
I think this is a throw back to Matt's dad's wedding day.
It was such an amazing, surreal day. It went off without a hitch. I had a lot of help from a lot of amazing people. Thanks so much for being part of our day.
I am still waiting on the photos from our other photographers, yeah I had 4 photographers, like I said, it's all about the pictures. Take that F.B. Loves!!


  1. OMG!!!!! congratulations :)
    well, not on getting married on posting on the blog!!!
    and on getting marriedtoo!!
    love you

  2. ps ill call you back tomorrrow. i left my charger at school :(

  3. AH! I love McGurks!
    I go there every time I'm in O'Fallon. which is a lot. Lol.

    P.S. Your wedding pictures are lovelyy. <3

  4. Merry Christmas dear daughter and son. White Christmas 2009. We love you KAB