24 July 2009

Frank LLoyd Wright

I know its been awhile, but I have some major inspiration!! Frank Lloyd Wright. If you don't know anything about him, do some research!!! It is well worth it. Check out some of his amazing architecture.

This is Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Oak Park Chicago.  This is tops on my list of things to see before I die.
This is an interior of one of his houses.  You can see the amazing simplicity of his homes.  Everything has a purpose and all the furniture is made specifically for this house.  FLW also did amazing stained glass windows.  Unfortunately he fell away from these in his later years.

The Fawcett Ranch House, near Los Banos, Calif., is the state’s only Frank Lloyd Wright residence in the context of a working farm. Listed for $2,700,000.  Can you believe there are actually FLW homes for sale.  Apparently Brad Pitt owns one.  I want one!!!   Anyone want to donate to the Nicole loves FLW home fund???

This is the Robbie house in Chicago.  It is on a college campus and was the center of interest in the children's book The Wright 3.  You should check it out when you get a sec.
This home I got off of this website. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Penfield House, Willoughby Hills, Ohio. 

This is Taliesin.  This is the home FLW built in Wisconsin.  It has such amazing history and an amazing story behind it.  I recommend reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  It is such a beautiful book with such a great, tragic love story.

So I was luck enough to visit Frank's most famous house.......Falling Waters!!!!   a few weeks ago when heading up to Massachusetts for Janel's final wedding reception.  
It was amazing, beautiful, breathtaking, radical....I could go on and on.  It is so amazing to see what this brilliant man can do.  He really focused on interpreting and incorporating nature int his work.  If you get a chance, this was an 11.  Phenomenal!!! 

What a stellar view
This was in the living room.  A stairway that totally opened up so you could walk down, fish, and catch some dinner!
Barnholtz, when one MacLean, Ladies

The other FLW we went to later that day down the road, Kentuck Knob, had a bunch of other art.  They had this amazing Claus Oldenburg Apple there!!
I got a bit hungry.  Haha!!
They also had an amazing Jim Dine Sculpture of a flower morphing into a fan.  Very Cool!  

If you get a chance, I say look up your area and see if there are any FLW homes in your area.  They are one of a kind homes from an architecture who was way before his time.  If you are local in St. Louis I would recommend the home in Kirkwood.  It is owned by the parks and it is by appointment only.  There is also a killer home in Springfield Illinois.


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