16 May 2009

need or want???

So I found the most amazing necklace to wear with my wedding dress. I totally have a thing for peacock feathers, it dates back to a vase full of them at grandma barnholtz's house, and this necklace rocks my socks. Check out the bomb etsy shop it came from. I love everything in her shop. I want to learn how to make jewelry like this. Anyone dieing to teach me???
This necklace is just so classic!!  I need it.

but will it clash with gold shoes and jewlery on the other girls?

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! I was reviewing my blog hits and your site came up! thanks for talking about my little peacock necklace!

    as for clashing with gold, I hear ya. Although I wore cream and white together (gasp!) on my wedding day and it actually looked pretty darn good, maybe gold and silver will complement each other in a weird way?

    best of luck planning your big day! thanks again!!