15 May 2009


I am extremely into rehabbing things right now. I love the idea of taking something old and redoing it to make it new again. Not only to do save some money by buying using old things or thrifting some items, but your saving the earth to by not buying new products!!! Win Win!

Here are some amazing finds I found on design sponge.  You should really check out this site.  It is full of great ideas, diys,  and loads of other swell things.  My girl Sarah hooked me up with this site and I love her for it.

Who would have thought making a simple weekend at grandma's suit case into a......

Love this find.  especially because it was discarded trash that someone just dumbed out in nature.  It was found and rescued and remade.  would you ever think living room with the before picture.

I wish I would have thought about this in college.  Our couches were terrible, and really could have used a makeover.  

What about this simple chair i'm pretty much positive everyone's grandmother has:
How bomb is it now???  Love it!
Lately I've really been searching for things to spray paint.  I never looked at things before in this light.  Why not buy something I "like" and spray it so I LOVE it.  I will be doing this in the near future.  Here are some finds I found on Sarah's blog.  I just came across it when googling sprayed objects...and her blog rocks.  Check it out:

What do you have in your home that you can remake to really go with your style?  Any room you are dying to redo?  What do you have lying around you could add a coat of spray paint to to make it modern?  Goodwill finds?  Hand me downs?

Do you know of any good re-use examples you have seen or done yourself?  Email me and lets see your rad ideas!  -nicole


  1. seriously this made me want to run out and find a ratty piece of furniture and re-cover it!

  2. I know. Janel and I went to an antique mall and scoped out things we could rehab! I just love it!