26 April 2009

New goodies in Etsy Shop!!!

Hey lovelies!!
I just finished a weekend of creating some really cool multi-media necklaces for the Etsy shop!! I am really excited about these pieces because they encompass a lot of my favorite things!! I especially like that you take something eveyday-ish, like a domino, and then turn it into a mini-piece of art on a necklace!! I love them!!
Here is a little peek :)

My favorite one is the "Scrap girl" one. It is so cute and has a lot of cool details!! Please hop on over to the shop and check them out!!!
I also made this cutie-pie little painting for Nicole to celebrate her engagement day:

Soooo cute!! Ok, I am off to post the winner for my give-a-way over at my blog :) Hope you all had an amazingly lovely weekend!!

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  1. Thanks for my beautiful memory painting. I want to marry it...well, you know what I mean!