02 April 2009

Journal Prompts

Okay!!!  So here are some journal prompts to get the creative juices-a-flowing!  These are some I have done with my students and they ran with them. I am going to give the same "requirements" I gave them, but feel free to bend, break, and create new rules.  If you choose to do these journal pages, send us a link so we can post them and show off your mad skills!!!

Here is #1:  Getting to know you.  This is the first page in my journal and will help us to get to know some of you...our amazing followers!!!

1. Self-Portrait Page: This page is about you. Give me a glimpse of you. Fill the page.
• Full name
• 10 words to describe yourself
• 1 additional type of paper
• paint
• your family or ethnic background
• a cut-out (be creative…anything you want, like, or think looks good)
• a photo of yourself
The above things are required. Feel free to add anything else you want. This is your sketchbook/journal. Make it yours!!!

Here is the whole page!  I love the paper doll cut outs.  I just used gridded paper!

I am a proud English, Irish, German, and Russian girl.  There is also Greek in there somewhere, but I'd have to bust out the family tree to find it!  These are my grandparent's maiden and married names.

Here are 10 words describing me.  I love using multiple fonts on a page!

This is my favorite pic of myself.  My Matt took it at Janel's wedding.  I thought the sepia tone looked good with the black sketchy paint behind it.

Prompt #2:  
Find a photo of you and this special someone or just the special someone. Slap that down on your page. Now list all the characteristics of that person that you like. And this could be about anyone: your significant other, your child, your dog, your cat, your friend, anyone! Use love colors if you want, or just a fun color combo. Try experimenting with large and small fonts. Bold and skinny. Have fun with it!
I actually used screen printing block ink for the purple and acrylic for the blue.  I splatterd my page with the colors and used a credit card to spread it down the page.  I then watered down some of the blue to look runny.  I tried to find color changes to add my text in.

Matt is going to kill me for zooming in on this one, but it truly is adorable.  My title is the "What I love about you" in the heart.  Fill it up.  Use all of your page.

#3!!! Create a calendar journal for the month of April. Snip, Tear, or write on each day a word or two, draw a pic, or fill it with a summary for that day. Add paint, doodles, magazine cut-outs. Add a background with paint, ink, or drawings to fit the mood of the month to make it all cohesive. Change the title (April) to make it your own.
I kind of had to make up this month and just guess how each of my days would be.  I added a few plans that I already had set.

Can't wait for the RVA Weekend!!

Yikes, I forgot to rotate this one.  But you get the idea.  Do each day at a time and sum it up.  Have fun with it and be truthful!

I hope you enjoy these activities.  Don't forget to send us pics of your sketchbooks.  I'll try and post one a day.  Between Janel and I, we should be able to do it.   Comment us and let us know what you think!  Happy Creating!! -n


  1. Awesome prompts! And looove the banner!

  2. This is totally awesome. It allows me to kinda know what i should be doing!

  3. ahhh I love these prompts Nicole. I actually spent all of my breaks starting the calendar journal. I am in love with that idea!!!