08 April 2009

Journal Prompt #2

Okay: Here is another prompt. Journal a day in the life of you. Even if you didn't have the best day, show us. As you can see, this morning started with the battery in my bedroom fire alarm dying. For those of you who don't know, I have vaulted ceilings in my condo and no 13 foot ladder. Boo! So I had to build a makeshift ladder our of my dresser and a step stool. Very Scary, especially at 12:35 am. But it was my day, so I deal!!! Okay try to have at least 20 sections in your day. Make sure each box has some words and some pics! Do stick people if need be, just draw!!!

Matt was preping for an interview...ps, he got the job...and we were doing ink blots. I think I might be crazy because I always saw a scary monster. Matt said the "correct" answers were animals or things in nature!!! Oh well!

Sorry about the crap quality of the pics, but I took them with my iphone (which might I add is the greatest phone ever!!!) and there is no flash. Sorry lovies. But get creative and send us a link or pic so we can post yours!!

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