09 April 2009

Yellow Barn...Literally!

One of my fantastic students, Stevie, is awesome and is cutting some shapes for me in his industrial tech class. Don't worry, he's finished with his project and has nothing to do. He cut out two amazing barns for me in honor of yellowbarn. I painted them and surprised my sister with one. Isn't it sooooo stinkin cute?

This is how I think I'm going to write our name on my art pieces!!

Journal Prompt #3:
Write 3-5 short letters to people who have affected your life.  Whether it was positively or negatively, write to them. Write each one in a different font.  Add a border and frame the most important letter with some sort of doodle.  I recommend different color text too!  Luck and show us some of your work!!!

The next one is too my boo.  He is stellar!  And my mommasita.  The most amazing person I have ever known. (Well my dad to, but you get it)

And last, but not least my sthneey!  I got this font from her.  It was a big hit in my sculpture class!

Finally the next sweet addition to yellowbarnart.  A new necklace.  The last ones sold quick, so get it while its hot.  Don't forget to hit up our brand-spankin-new etsy
Again thanks so much for the love you have all shown us.  And if you don't already, follow our blog.  It's so bomb!


  1. What an adorable barn & keepsake!

    Having tomorrow off, I'm looking forward to lots of creating & working on my journal with your journal prompts! Yay!

    Great new necklace!!!

  2. I finally had time to do a couple of the journal prompts! Here is the link:


    Hope your having a fantastic Friday!