18 May 2009

the veil

okay, so i ordered my veil for my wedding.  i am so in love with this "virgin mary" look.  it is just so classic.  i went with ivory finger tip length.  i'm not really the classic bride kind of girl, but i just needed this to finish the look  what do you think?
Here is a close up view of the detail.  i actually think i am going to take off the pearl beads.  i just want it to be super simple... and here is why:
I want to do something like this for so of the pictures and the reception...

o love the ideas of mixing clear simple..cheap..beads and pearls.  do you like the headband looks, or do you think it will be too elementary school girl?

i adore the piece above.  simple but elegant!

this piece is great because i think i would look great with gold.  and i like the idea of a clip so it doesn't take up my entire head.

but this is the one i really want.  it is from this amazing etsy shop.  this girls has so amazing pieces.  her selecion is huge and the quality looks bomb.  i may sacrific the peacock feather necklace for this.  I really recommend you check out her shop and buy something from her.  a classic piece for your collection.  hit her up!
 it probably won't fit into the budget, so any ideas to making something like it?  cheap place to get crystals?  anyone have something as spectacular as this just lying around, for a something borrowed?  i'm in if you are?

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  1. sooooo beautiful!!! Also, the last headband is my favorite!!! you NEED that :)