29 May 2009

Paper Sculptures

So, for my final exam in my sculpture class, along with formal critiques of their own work, I gave my students a large sheet of paper, tape, glue and scissors and had them create a sculpture with it. then told another "non-art" teacher what I was doing for their final and they looked at me like I was crazy. What could students possibly make from paper? Don't they know I have the most brilliant students ever? Well, I googled (well, technically i msn searched) images of paper sculpture and look at all the goodies I found. And they are all primarily made up of paper!!! Check it out homes:

Who would think paper or film strips on their side could be so awesome? I'm doing something like this for my house now!!!

I found these amazing sculptures online. They do a computer scan of your features, then make an amazing replica of you head...who knew.

This one looks like a crazy puzzle put together!!!

Simple but elegant!

If this is legitimately cut from the paper below, I bow to you!!!


I'm hoping these are low watt bulbs! Beautiful. Wouldn't these be awesome over the dance floor at a wedding?

Layered to create a peek through picture.

Colored paper cut into circles and then frayed on the ends. Love these bunched together

These almost look like paper cups smashed together!!!
A compilation of a bunch of small paper sculptures!!!
After I saw these, I had to show them off to my disbelieving colleague. She was amazed!!! Artists can really make something from nothing.


  1. wow the things people can do amaze me.

  2. you should post photos of the ones that your students do! i would love to see photos of your classroom as well, if possible.


  3. It's amazing what some can do with little supplies. So many ideas, creativeness come to mind. Yet everyones would of course be different and unique. I would love to see what your students created!

  4. I'm I the only one who feels like they were taking a bathroom break when God passed out the artsy gene?