30 May 2009

Whitney's Extra Pressy!!

Just thought I'd give you a peak at the yba exclusive add in to the give a way. Whitney scored this awesome day of the dead journal. These bad boys are complements of my fantastic students who had extra wood in industrial tech class and needed something to do, so their teacher let them cut some awesome wood shapes for me. Janel and i plan to crank some more of these out and have them ready for our June etsy update!!! Make sure you check that out...coming soon! Anywho, thanks again for all the love you showed us for the give a way and stay tuned for more good stuff!!

All I need to do it drill some holes and put it all together!!!
A little note to the winner! 
Some journal prompts in a few spots of the journal to spark some creative genius!!

This one is a bit crappy, but it says: Draw something you can see right now!!

Journals..love them!!!


  1. ahhhhh! I am even moreso pumped now than i was before.... and I didn't think that was possible. Thanks soooo much girls! I seriously can't wait! much love!!

  2. WOW!!! I am Whit's MOM and she is so excited about winning this give-away! I can't believe how generous you were with all of the wonderful treasures! Whit has just found her gift of ART over the last year and she is busting wide open with ideas! I can never think you enough for helping her to express her creativity through your gift! It will all be well used, Believe me I know! LOL (My studio is raided everytime she comes home)
    Thanks Again,