27 May 2009

If I won the powerball, I would buy these

If I win the powerball tonight, these are the things I'm going to get from papersource. If you haven't been to their website, to their store, or get their emails/catalogues, you need to get with it! The have the most amazing gifts, paper, kits, stamps, you name it, they've got something cute like it!!! Check out these radical items. And remember, the also have paper!!!
First things first, I would get this wrapping paper for all my seniors who just graduated...and a gift I guess to wrap around!!!

Don't you adore this luggage?  I do!!
And who, tell me WHO, wouldn't love stickers to make their inanimate objects come to life!!!
These old "housewife" pictures with clever text on them are to die for!

This journal is too cute.

Saving the earth, one reusable, adorable bottle later!!!
A must for any road trip...especially this summer, the 22 hours to Mass to see the MacLeans!!!
Even though I'm north county, I think these would just be a good read!!!

I'd get this for my friend Sarah.  She's one of those weird cat people.  I don't mean it mean, I don't get it being a dog person, but I know she'd love this!!!
Nuff said!!
And I would then get the Diana camera, so I would need the fish eye lens, obviously.  
You really need to scope out Papersource.  I think the closest one in in Kansas City, MO to us, but well worth it.  It is on my to do list for next weekend on my trip to visit Bagels!!!  Cannot wait!!!


  1. I have those stickers and I put them on my stapler and tape dispenser at school!!! you can use some of mine :) They have them at Borders though!!!
    I loooove all of theses things.

  2. I'm going to check that out now since I love online shopping and cool stuff like this. You just had to tempt me didn't you. LOL

  3. I love the cat flashlight!!! This will be perfect for my new house. You know I'm going to be so scared anytime the lights are off. And if I'm wondering around in the dark with this cute kitty flashlight killers, rapists, and zombies will probably just say their sorry for intruding and leave quietly. It's a must have!

  4. Do you ever think, "Wow. Will my kids ever copy pages from my yearbook and make them into wrapping paper sheets because they find humor in it?" ....