08 February 2010

Cake Class

I am taking such an awesome class. It is a cake decorating class. I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to decorate cakes. I knew it was something I would like and definitely a skill I can use in the future. Possibly for a sister and a sister-in-laws birthdays that are coming up!!! I am taking the class with a few of the bags ( that is a completely other blog in itself) and ones of the bag's twin sons girlfriends. Did I explain that right. Well, needless to say the class rocks and it is great girl time. I love it! So I have totally overloaded this post with pictures, but that's the best part of blog anyway isn't it?!!
Here is my cake and Megan's cake pre-learning anything. We have to come with a cake baked and iced. We learned how to do this the first class. Isn't it smooth and delicious looking!!!
Now we are ready to get to work. Our bags loaded with icing!!
Carol very hard at work practicing some of the boarders we learned. The shell boarder is my favorite. The reverse shell is another story.
I don't know how this happened, but I looked up and Jacqueline was covered in icing.
So here is my finished product. I think its pretty good for my first ever decorated cake! I did the shell boarder around the top and base, then some happy daisy flowers and leaves. I really need to work on my writing.
Darlene (who is hosting the class) and Dianna doing the C-boarder.
Yep, that's me. I am genuinely that happy and excited doing this. It is right up my artsy alley.
Now you can see why I said I need to work on my fonts...this is what it should look like!! Stacy is so amazing at this. She needs to open her own shop. I would work there for sure...after a few more classes of course!
Again, I cannot say enough about how good Stacy is:
Here is Megan's cake fr her Uncle's B-day:
This is carol's cake. she plans to use her newly acquired skills on cupcakes!!!
This is Jacqueline's cake. I love the grass tip around the bottom.
Darlene's cake. This seriously looks like something you'd buy in a shop.
Dianna's cakes. Such adorable flowers!!
Week #3 we learned roses, vines, leaves, and rose buds. Here is Stacy making a large rose. Keep in mind she did this with cream cheese icing, that Darlene and Megan made, which was really hard to work with.
Step 1: build up a tall base. aka a blob.
Step 2: swirl a small spiral with the flower tip.
Step 3: Make petals. In Stacy's case make petals look really easy so everyone is jealous when they can't do it good.
Step 4: Bam...you have a beautiful rose. Yep just like that...I swear!
Then I asked about leaves, mainly because I like fall colors and even in spring, fall colors will be the ones I chose to use. On the left is a classic fall leaf. Sweet. and on the right is another kind of leaf...yep! Stacy didn't even realize what it looked like until I pointed it out. Yes, a maple leaf! Haha!
So here is my 2nd cake of all time. I will say it now I hate the vines. But I love the bright, bold blue flowers. The buds need some work too.
Dianna's cake. Now I must say she wrapped her cake up quick, but I snuck a pic before she left.
Darlene's dot cake. Isn't is cute. She said I had to mention she had icing problems..but I like it.
Megan's cake. Doesn't the icing look so good.
And Jacqueline's awesome cake. She really worked hard on that boarder.
This class is so much fun. I cannot wait to go tomorrow night. I hope it doesn't get cancelled due to snow. This class rocks. Next i want to do a fondant class at Michael's. Who is with me?


  1. holy cow you are really really good!! I am sooo stoaked that you are making my birthday cake.
    I will take the fondont (sp?) class with you as long as I don't have to taste or smell it.

  2. I think your cake is beautiful! I have always wanted to try those icing bag thingys. So much fun!

  3. I've always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes too. It looks like such fun. Everyone always smiles when they eat cake. It's a happy time. Your cakes look great. Good for you.

  4. Great job, Nicole....very impressive!

  5. yum! those look sooo good and so fun!

  6. Oh my goodness gravies!!! gonna sign up for a local class!!!!
    I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I was going to do this class in Tampa, but didn't! It looks so fun I will now!!

  8. wow..this is so cool. you're gonna get really good and i might have to hire you out...

  9. We need more cake pictures! Have an amazing weekend Love you and hubby, KAB

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  11. oh im so jealous it hurts. i want to take this class too! : )

    p.s. found you via janels craft swap.

  12. This looks like so much FUN! I would love to take a cake class! :)

  13. AMAZING cakes!!! I did this a few years ago at Michael's too!! It made me fall in love with cupcakes and want to open my own shop! Makes me wanna take the class again!! I found you via janel's craft swap! <3 Michelle